Welcome to the Wayward Healer blog!

Hello all! I’m Melissa and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist located in Greeley, CO. I have been a practicing Massage Therapist for 4 years, have an Associates Degree in Science and Massage Therapy, and am 9 months shy of a Bachelor’s in Alternative Health. 

My specialty is Deep Tissue or what’s also known as Neuromuscular Therapy. The goal of which is using various techniques to return to function by relieving adhesions, strengthening elongated muscles and stretching short, taut muscles, and improving range of motion. I do Swedish, Lymph, Prenatal, Sports and Medical Massage. I also encourage and coach better ways to stretch, move, alleviate pain, improve posture all to bring about better easy movement in the body. During sessions I address these things individually as clients bring up what has been physically ailing them.

This brings us up to the reason for this blog. This blog in its entirety is for you, either a future client or someone just interested in finding ways to eliminate pain. Throughout my future posts we will focus on what causes pain in the body, alternative methods to approach health and wellness, and how to use self-care techniques to eliminate dysfunction and pain within the body. 

So why name this Wayward Healer? 

When coming up with the thought and image of what I wanted this blog to be, I thought about the people out there that have lost faith in modern, western medicine…maybe even the practitioners that fight hard to find solutions to their patients problems becoming disenfranchised, dismayed, being frustrated in the medicine they once applied. I then saw this person/people traveling the “road less traveled”, seeking other, older knowledge to heal the damage that had been done by such practices. Controversial practices yes, but using scientific knowledge to temper what is found. This blog is meant to approach health and wellness from this perspective-with a deep respect to science while acknowledging legitimate natural, holistic, non traditional practices of healthcare.

Wayward meaning rebellious, obstinate, disobedient, defiant. As I saw it, against what is typically expected in the healthcare industry. 
Healer– one that heals
A liberated, non traditional approach to health and wellness.

I hope that having a place to easily access this information will further help clients and provide them resources so they can continue to improve in the areas that they have sought help for. 

There are many different therapies out there that can bring about all of this but one thing I have noticed is that regardless of what method/s you use, consistency is key. Nothing is going to work 100% and fix everything on the first try as there are very few things in this life that work that immediately. I urge that whatever you try to do for your health; be it emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical, take the time to truly try out the method thoroughly. Giving a new approach or method takes time to adjust for little odd variables and adjustments to make things work for you. As we are all unique for what specifically works, we also have enough in common that sometimes just a little tweaking is enough.

And so, our Wayward Healer……

Thank you all for reading, as this is a re-release of the blog and website the first blog is already up and the next post should be up in the next couple of weeks. Please Share, comment, subscribe and let me know what you would like to see in the future!

I look forward to our wayward path together!!


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