General FAQ

I felt the best place to start for this blog was to give some simple answers to questions that people who are new to massage may ask. Since I am a massage therapist, and since many are not sure what to expect when it comes to massage, below you will find answers to some of the basic concerns about massage:

Will I Be Naked During My Massage?
You do not have to be naked for massage. Not all massage is done with oils or need to have bare skin. Some massage therapists do what’s called a “dry massage” where the client is fully dressed and instead of long relaxing strokes being used there’s compression, grabbing of the muscle, stretches, etc. However, if you would like for oils to be used and a more relaxing experience it is suggested that you remove clothing “up to your comfort level”. Comfort level really just means you choose how little clothing you’re willing to have on. This can range anywhere from being fully clothed to, yes, naked.

Does my Health Insurance Cover massage Therapy?
The best way to check this is to check with your insurance. Some massage therapists are in network and it will cover the costs of your visit. You will also need to check for if you need a referral or prescription for massage.

What are the benefits to massage therapy?
Increased range of motion to various areas of the body, pain relief, muscle toning, lowered anxiety, improved quality of sleep and overall quality of life, etc. 

When should I avoid massage Therapy?
If you are sick, have an acute injury (broken bones, ripped muscles, sores, etc.), very recent surgery(without approval from a doctor). There are some cases and situations that have to be judged on an individual basis, most often just that certain areas cannot be worked on due to complications.

What if I don’t want someone touching me in certain areas or have problems with touch?
The most important thing in a massage is your comfort as a client. With that, the biggest key to getting a good massage is communication. It is ok to ask that an area be avoided and your massage therapist should respect and honor that. If you are someone who is uncomfortable with human touch and are trying to be more open- communication is key. Let the massage therapist know and discuss how you want to proceed.  This may be a slow process to build up trust and even may be best to have a shorter session to work on only key points that are hurting or that you are ok with.

Is it ok to talk during a massage session?
The level of discussion held during your massage is up to you. There will of course be some small talk to check in and make sure the massage is going the way you like. If you prefer quiet or to be more talkative most massage therapists will try to match unless they notice you are unable to relax due to conversation.

What happens if I fall asleep during my massage?
That will be the greatest compliment you can give to your Massage Therapist. No joke, we see this as we are doing a great job. All that will happen is that we will continue to work on you and let you sleep.

What if my stomach growls during the massage-or worse?
You will not be judged. We are all humans, we all have embarrassing bodily functions. We appreciate if you don’t fart in our faces but we do understand that sometimes the body does what it must. If it comes to a bathroom emergency , just let your massage therapist know and they can step out so you can get to one.

Do I  tip a massage therapist?
It’s appreciated and considered polite. A tip shows your massage Therapist that you appreciated the work they performed but is not a requirement. General suggestion for tipping amount for most therapists is 15-20%.

Should I feel soreness or pain during my massage?
As tense muscles are released there will be some slight soreness or pain as the muscles themselves are already sore and painful. There should not be an undue amount of pain however. Throughout your massage you should keep up communication, if it starts to hurt beyond a level you are uncomfortable with-inform the therapist immediately so they can adjust.  A massage is meant to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body but should not hurt.

What if I feel self-conscious?
​It’s perfectly natural to feel self-conscious;you’re possibly naked under a sheet letting a stranger touch you. That takes a lot of trust. Just know that it is ok to take a little time to relax into the experience. Also know that your therapist has been in all sorts of situations with clients and they are used to this. During your massage this is a safe place to let go, it’s part of our job to help you to feel comfortable so you can fully enjoy it.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?
Let your massage therapist know. Nature calls, you can’t help it and we understand that. Your massage therapist can step out so you can get covered (sometimes a robe is provided for this) and use the facilities.

What if I get an erection during my massage?
Another perfectly natural thing, whether in reaction to physical touch or just because an erection happens multiple times a day even in cases of no stimulation whatsoever. This is a safe, professional space. Respect and boundaries are to be understood on both ends, as well as understanding that sometimes you just get wood.

What if I am ticklish?
This most certainly happens very often. Generally speaking, if you are ticklish to touch-it’s a specific kind on a sensitive or guarded area of the body. Let your massage therapist know so they can adjust pressure/approach.
And of course, everyone’s favorite……

Will I get a “happy ending”?
-_- Happy endings are reserved for personal times alone or at home with your chosen partner. Most massage therapists get very tired of this question. We are professionals seeking to help relieve physical pain and dysfunctions. We are not psychologists, doctors, sexual surrogates or prostitutes. These services can be found elsewhere with much better results.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are probably plenty of additional questions that many out there have. If there are any others you would like to see a response to, let me know! I will be happy to help.

Once again please comment, share and subscribe as there WILL be far more interesting topics coming up!


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